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Monday, June 05, 2006

Sex Crimes Unforgivable?

Sex crimes are unforgivable in California and probably the rest of the United States. Paroled sex offenders are nomads (SF Chronicle, June 2, 2006) not welcome in communities across the state. With so many people calling themselves Christian these days, it is astounding that so many fail to carry out a fundamental teaching of Jesus, forgiveness.

Paroled sex offenders need our forgiveness and compassion, not further rejection. If they do not receive love and affection in normal personal and community relations they are even more likely to offend again.

Christian Churches and other religious organization could offer community, dialogue and understanding to former offenders. Instead of persecution, religious and secular groups could welcome and offer conversations with parolees and get to see them as human beings. I don’t suppose that is too much to expect of all us imperfect persons.


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