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Monday, June 23, 2008

Support Same-Sex Marriage

Dear Friends,

I write you because either you or your friends may have some doubts about same-sex marriage. San Francisco and California now have laws allowing people of the same gender to marry each other if they wish. These couples want all the financial, legal and cultural advantages that opposite-sex couples have when they are legally married. It is basically a matter of equal rights, equality under the law for all Americans. It is also a matter of freedom. We Americans pride ourselves on being a free country. Our political leaders tout America’s freedom as a motivation to bring democracy to the nations of the world. In most states same sex couples do not have the same freedom to marry and enjoy the same financial, legal and personal benefits as do straight married couples.

Religion is trotted out to indicate same sex marriage is against the Bible. Barak Obama has said he is against same sex marriage because he is a Christian. I will still vote for him even though his position on this issue is incorrect. The Jewish and Christian Bible is inconsistent on homosexuality unless one takes an absolute literal, fundamentalist interpretation of those books written by human beings. Roman Catholics, Mormons and some fundamentalist and Pentecostal churches interpret the Bible that way. Liberal Christians know the Bible was written by human hands, at particular times in history, reflecting human values and human understanding of divine revelation at a certain time in human development. All commandments and rules in the Bible are interpreted in every age by human beings. For instance, the Old testament law allowing fathers to kill disobedient children is no longer a Jewish or Christian imperative.

There is a cultural prejudice against homosexuals. Some people have trouble seeing same gender people holding hands, kissing or trouble imagining them in bed together. Some cannot think that homosexual parents can raise children properly. Ann and I have several same gender friends who have children and are superb parents. Early studies indicate children raised with same gender parents do quite well in school and adjust well to life.

Marriage is not threatened or diluted by same gender marriage. Marriage has always changed, developed and mutated over the centuries. From the polygamy of Kings David and Solomon and the Mormons to absolute monogamy; from men allowed to divorce women but not vice-versa to full faithful monogamy for those who choose that way of marriage. Some same sex-couples wish to marry and have the full rights and freedoms as straight people do. Many do not. Let freedom be the factor in the decision.

I have long believed that a certain percentage of all humans born into the world are predisposed to love and want to be with, personally and sexually, persons of their same sex. Homosexuals did not choose to be gay any more than I chose to be straight. I think homosexual behavior is a natural part of the way some people have been created.

I want to encourage us all to read all the factual and scientific information we can abut homosexuality and same-gender marriage. Talk with gay and lesbian friends and acquaintances and get to them as people and discover their views. I do hope you and your skeptical friends may find it in your hearts to support same-sex marriages in your state or in California and that you will oppose attempts to thwart same-sex couples from marrying.

Warm regards,



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