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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Was Missing on Inauguration Day?

We heard:
We are all one nation.
Yellow gets mellow
White does right
Brown gets around
Where was the other, say?
Lesbian and Gay?

I wrote this little ditty to point out how homophobia crept into the inaugural process. The marginalizing of LGBT people at the inauguration plus the passing of Proposition 8 in California make it all the more clear how perverse and evil anti-gay sentiments are in our country.

A notorious homophobe gave the opening prayer.
Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson was invited to give a prayer at the pre- inauguration concert. The prayer was scheduled to be presented before the Obamas were seated. Then the microphones failed and the TV cameras did not record the Bishop's prayer.

Obama blamed his staff for the error and invited Bishop Robinson to sit in the reviewing stand at the post inauguration parade. I never saw him pictured in that reviewing stand during the parade.

Obama and the clergy giving prayers mentioned by name many minority groups and omitted any reference to gays or lesbians.

CNN turned their cameras to the viewing stand when the Gay Freedom Day band marched by. The cameras returned to the bands after the gay band had marched by.

The news media and the Obama program have LGBT rights quite low on their priorities. Homosexuals and their supporters need to continue to work all the harder to achieve full rights as American citizens and be included in all walks of life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks Robert I have forwarded it to many friends.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Fred Fenton said...

We rejoiced when Sean Penn won the Oscar for his performance in "Milk." That movie will help people understand this is a human rights issue we all need to get behind.

Fred Fenton

6:16 AM  

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