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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Letters on Carter and Iran

On President Jimmy Carter and Israel

Good for President Jimmy Carter. (SF Chronicle, June 17, 2009) He has the courage to speak the truth to power. The Israeli, Palestinian and United States governments listen to him. The social and political policy toward Israel is don’t ask, don’t tell. Don’t ask about Israeli policies and don’t tell people what you think about that country’s leadership. Carter asks the tough questions and tells the truth as he sees it. Liberals must not be afraid to be called anti-Semites when we ask and tell. Jimmy Carter has no fear of being called names.

On Iran 6/21/09

I suspect the CIA is again fooling around again in Iran to disrupt the present government. What are Iran's sins? They are developing nuclear weapons. So is India, North Korea and Israel. The head honcho says the Holocaust is a myth and decries Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and that Israel should not exist. These are personal opinions of the present head of state. Although many Arab leaders hold such notions, I suspect Iran's leadership has provoked CIA hysteria. So they have decided that country needs Americanization by violence. I do hope someone can se me straight.


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