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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Smart money people must be able to find a way for capitalism to be more humane. There is no reason why there is not a better way to distribute the wealth, feed, clothe, educate and provide medical care for all people..

Most people spend most of their time worrying about and dealing with money, the poor most of all. But all those people with degrees in economics, finance and investing are very smart. They too, or at least many of them, are concerned about how capitalism does not provide adequate money for all people to have food.

There must be ways for these smart, sensitive and creative people to figure out how capitalism produces so much money and yet leaves so many people poor. Charity is not enough. Charitable fund raisers make donors feel good, put bad-aids on wounds but do not change the system that keeps people poor. Capitalism is the system that keeps people poor.

Communism and Socialism have not worked, at least as they have been tried already. Many socialist ideas are incorporated into the capitalist system like, health insurance, labor unions, minimum wage and pensions.

Capitalism produces huge amounts of money that could make it possible for all people to eat and be clothed.


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