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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


One more reason to hate the United States. “The CIA and the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Committee launched drone attacks in Yemen.” Why? Because a recent video showed (that) al Qaeda leaders in Yemen (were) taunting the United States.” Apparently three civilians were killed in the raids. (SF Chronicle April 22, 2014) Are we so thin skinned?

The continuing drone bombings kill people in Yemen and Pakistan. The last I heard the U.S. has not declared war on either of these countries. We are at peace with them. Nefarious forces in our government, including the President, hail these cruel and illegal bombings as necessary for their counterterrorism activities. I notice the war is undeclared and never ending. No evidence is forthcoming of the effectiveness of these excursions in inhumane bombings. They kill civilians and perhaps some alleged so-called terrorists.

One wonders why the U.S. is hated and terrorism rages?


Anonymous Andrew Harris said...

Hey Robert,
A guy who has 6-12 cans of beer every day, especially while at home, is a drunk. At that amount he's numbing himself to something, and, given he does this at home, he's blocking out the others in his family. Waiting for the drunk to declare himself a drunk is a fool's errand. Alcoholism does not start with the admission of alcoholism, it starts with drinking too much. What's too much is as much the decision of the loved ones as the drinker. This guy is a functioning alcky. One doesn't have to fall down in the gutter, lose jobs, fuck up everything one touches to be a drunk. And, who the hell wants to hang around, be married to, grow up with someone who gets drunk every night? Having grown up in an alcoholic family, I know that waiting for the drunk to self proclaim is denial, pure and simple. Al-Anon is hardly a panacea - often it becomes a way to enable the drunk to stay a drunk, because it rarely offers help for people to set a boundary, and stick to it. Only a boundary that tells the drunk to stop drinking, deal with the inherent wound being self-medicated, or go on in life without his/her partner, children, and loved ones, will work.

Love to Ann,

5:17 PM  

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