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Thursday, March 19, 2015


On Funerals

I do not want a Celebration of Life when I die. I want a funeral. That event is where you can let it all hang out, cry, sob and shed tears. A funeral is not about the dead. It is about the living people who have lost someone they love. The funeral is a time when the family and community gather to express grief. The readings from the Bible, the Psalms and the Hymns elicit grief and sorrow for the family and friends of the person who has died.

Our society shrinks from sadness and death. There is not time for lamentation and mourning. If we do not mourn, we will not recover in a healthy way from sadness and deep grief. We would rather remember the good times, the fun times and the inspiring times. These days a celebration of life is held where one is forbidden to mourn.

I have my funeral all planned. It will be in our local Episcopal Church, a full liturgy, music, singing and weeping. All will be welcome to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. If you do not weep the ushers will show you to the door.

There will be a full food and booze reception after the service. Anyone wishing to say something about me is welcome to do so.

When one dies we mourn, we feel sad and bad. Render your hearts in mourning and then have a good time at the reception following. When a loved one dies be prepared to have a year or more of sadness, which will come and go.


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