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Thursday, November 19, 2015


If I were running for President, here are the critical issues I’d work for:

1.    I want government supported medical care for all people in the United States. That includes, aliens, visitors who are in the US for any reason.

2.    I want to prevent the US military to go to war. I want a full-fledged good intentioned discussion, negotiations and engagement with any enemy that threatens our nation. I want to stop the US government, the CIA or any other arm of this country to interfere in the internal matters of other nations. We are not the police of the world.

3.    All American secret prisons, torture schools in and out of the country will be closed and dismantled.

4.    I demand a good faith investigation and agreement to make capitalism work in such a manner that the people in America have equitable pay.

5.    Roads, highways, airports, railways subsidized by the government are to be in good repair and safe.

6.    All media must abide by a fairness doctrine when presenting the news. The airwaves are owned by the citizens not big corporations.

7.    All aspects of business, government and especially law enforcement must cooperate to assure peace and safety for people of color.

8.    The tax code must be revised and simplified.

9.    Prison reform must be hastened and thorough.

10.Capital Punishment is to be abolished in all states.


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