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Monday, February 06, 2017



You are the salt of the earth. You give flavor, richness and vitality to the whole of life.

Can you imagine an Indian meal without salt? A Chinese or Mexican meal without salt? Bland and Boring.

The people who are the salt of the earth are the creative, tasty, marching to a different drummer, the unusual and risk taker.

Jesus is telling his followers the go beyond the law, to the deeper meaning of the law, to fulfill the law.

What does he mean fulfill the law?

The Salt March:

The British ruled India for many years. They had put a tax on salt, which angered many residents of the country especially the poor. Mohandas Gandhi organized an act of non-violent civil disobedience to reclaim the salt from the British monopoly. 78 people began the march and intended to march 240 miles protesting the salt tax. The march sparked millions of Indians to protest the salt laws. Gandhi was arrested by the British. This produced worldwide news coverage. 85,000 Indians were arrested during the civil disobedience protesting the salt tax.  This march sparked even more India‚Äôs desire to be free of the British. It also inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. during the movement for civil rights in this country.

Jesus reminds us of who are the salt people.

Our job is to savor our friends, families, work places and the country with love, gentleness, forgiveness and powerful work against injustice.

Alice came to Trinity Church with a son who called Alice Dad.

Alice a former reporter for the NY Times was born a male. He later made the transition to become a woman. While a male he married and had children.

Alice changed her his hair, clothes and had a surgical sex change. He is a brave person and has lived to see the day when sex transitions are openly talked about.

Our transgender neighbors are some more salt to make our city and society interesting, exciting and creative.

Transition is a move toward wholeness

We help others be the salt of the earth.

Many of us will show our salt when we confront being a sanctuary church and city. We may use non-violent civil disobedience to protect, feed and house our neighbors who are on the run from our stupid immigration rules.

This is the work of God the Holy Spirit working in our lives. We are not alone. We are IN-SPIRED to do the work of God
in our lives.


Blogger jan sollish said...

Oh Robert.......Beautiful writing. Doors is priceless...just in the definition of marriage! And the analogy of doors opening (AND hitting your head:) perfect as well. Hope you don't mind if I forward this to friends.

6:58 PM  

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