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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Santa Cruz WEEKEND

We had a fine weekend in Santa Cruz. Sun and Sand Motel had a big room and glorious ocean view. The building  has a 1950s look that needed up grading. But it was clean and had the necessary amenities. Second floor and no elevator. No stairway light at night. A bit inconvenient but bearable. We arrived on Friday afternoon and on Saturday we took a walk-on he pier, 1/2mile out, 1/2 mile back agin. 

The pier stretches out over this portion of Santa Cruz Bay, It is solid and wide enough that cars can drive all the way and find parking. The walkway is separated from the traffic so there is little noise or smell. The fresh wind takes care of the  monoxide. Solid fences along the pier make it easy to lean over and watch swimmers and elephant seals, all brown and sleek.

We saw a dozen swimmers who are lifeguards in training splashing through the green water in their black sweat suits, hats and goggles. We chatted with some college age young people who were very friendly and informative about the swimmers and their high school and surrounding area. We were early enough so that we were not crowded by pedestrians.

Soon we came to shops selling bait and tee shirts and post cards. There are at least five restaurants all specialising in chowder, fresh fish and French fries. We soon came to the end of the pier and sat for a while watching the sea. Then we noticed the loud honking of the seals. The piper is a resting place during their migration. You a re going to ask migrating from where to where. I don’t know but I’ll bet Ann does.

There are 4 white fenced areas with 5x5 square foot holes in the pier to peer down not the squawking seals. One can see them slipping and sliding and gambolling in the waters below.

The water stretches to the horizon making us think of our cruises where the sea seems like all there is. We walked back enjoying the fresh breezes and sea smells It was only 11 am but we ate lunch anyway. Ann had a delicious multi-colored salad with greens, eggs, apple and God knows what. I had a chowder and a non-vegetarian chilli.

We lurched home to the motel for a 2 hour nap. We also had a middle Eastern lamb dinner Friday night and and in an Italian restaurant Saturday evening. Quite good.

Santa Cruz is an easy 1 1/2 hour drive down the coast from SF. We’d like to go again for quick get-a-ways a couple of times a year.

I really do not want to take long plane rides to exotic places. I do not mind staying close to SF. Palm Springs and Utah cabin are short doable flights. Going to the eat coast is a real problem for me. I suppose I’d go to funerals of close family members.


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