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Friday, October 06, 2006

Sex - for a change

Friday, October 6, 2006

Sex is in the Air – for a Change

The Foley business has the media and the Republicans in a snit. Front-page headlines in today’s SF Chronicle lament Korean women forced into prostitution here and in that country. The movie Shortbus is reviewed warning it exhibits explicit sexuality and full frontal nudity. I plan to attend ASAP. We Americans love to lament and leer about illicit sex.

Church people say, “When will we ever stop talking about sex and get on with the preaching of the gospel?” Straight people don’t want to hear another word about homosexuality. Lesbians and gays want to get married. Family values people want sex only among straight adults in married bedrooms. Republicans want to control everything including sex. American torturer Muslim prisoners using sex to humiliate and get information.

One highly rated film The Departed warns, “This film contains sexual situations, strong language and extreme violence.” Video and print pornography continue to be enormously profitable businesses in the United States in the red as well as the blue states.

I recommend leering, loving and looking at sex depictions in the various media. It is a way of finding pleasure and enjoyment in our lives. There are times when women are exploited in such depictions but most women in them are there by choice and for money. Most often the images of people being intimate and enjoying sex can be fun and arousing and leading too sexual contact. Pictures of physical beauty, men and women’s bodies, are works of art, products of the creation. I have never seen a naked body, which I did not fine lovely. Large men and women have a charm to be enjoyed by looking past the cultural stereotype of bones as gorgeous, to the beauty of the flesh as sensuous.

When I was at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in the 60’s I was naked in the hot tubs with all sorts and conditions of men and women. They all had their own beauty. A woman showed us the scar where her breast had been removed. Her body even with the scar was lovely and so was she.

I suspect Americans are sexually confused often because they hate their bodies. Too large, too small, too wide, too skinny, big tits and ass, no tits and ass, cocks too small or too large are all categories that fearfully lurk in the hearts of American men and women. If you have trouble with your body, you probably have trouble with your sex life.

Well to sum up. I prefer explicit sex to explicit violence. So I’ll probably see Shortbus but definitely will not see The Departed. I will root for the downfall of the Republicans over sex exploits and lying. I think prostitution should not be a matter of the law then women could not be forced into prostitution. Let women do what they want with their bodies, as there will always be men who will pay. Free enterprise, I say.

Sex is for our enjoyment, creating intimacy, and procreation. Let people be free about their sexuality.


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