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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Presenting Jesus

This is a response to an article in The Living Church on Evangelism without specifics

To: The Living Church

How to Present Jesus Christ

Evangelism is presenting Jesus Christ ….as Savior…. as Lord….in the fellowship of the Church.” R.J. Levenson, (TLC 3/11/07) challenges the readers to a renewal of the basics of evangelism. I want to put some specifics on how to do that.

Jesus the incarnate one means that God loves his creation so much that he comes to us in the man Jesus. This means we follower of Jesus are to love and serve God’s world bringing justice for women, homosexuals, minorities and all oppressed people.

Here is how to present Jesus as Savior. We preach that following Jesus is the way we are saved from the sin and sadness that is with us constantly in out daily life. Meditating and praying to Jesus is a way to connect to him and to God.

Jesus as Lord is like Christ the King. Royalty is to rule with justice, bring unity and healing to the people. We preach and teach Jesus as the worker for justice, people protected from predators, prisons that are humane. Royalty and governments have the power to end capital punishment and commute death sentences.

Jesus healed so may people. Here is call for health care, health insurance and medicine for all people in church and state.

Jesus, the Prince of Peace means we present Jesus as a peacemaker, against war and our call is stop the present wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by all peaceful means.

Jesus feeds the multitudes. We in the church are called to do all we can to abolish hunger wherever it is found. It involves not only providing food but also to insure the climate we pollute does not cause crops to fail.

Jesus the sacrificed one means that followers of Jesus make sacrifices of time, money, talent and reputation to proclaim the values Jesus taught. Sometimes we may have to give our life to those values.

Proclaiming Jesus to the world is our goal. When we connect the values and ministry of Jesus to the issues and concerns of our times and lives, those outside the church will take note that we are Christians and known for our love. They will be moved to join the fellowship of the church.


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