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Monday, November 19, 2007

Published in the SF Chronicle 11/19/07-Role Models

To the Editor of the SF Chronicle

Here is what children learn from role models? Barry Bonds may have lied abut his using illegal drugs. The President of the United States lied about weapons of mass destruction. Roman Catholic bishops covered up sexual abuses among priests. Protestant Evangelical preachers failed to live up to their proclamation of no sex out side of marriage. Prominent business executives lied about the value of investments. Celebrity movie and TV stars use illegal drugs and drive under the influence.

Their own parents lie, steal and are often violent.

Children learn that they and all humans are sinful, radically imperfect, bad and wrong. This is a good lesson and helps them avoid self-righteous judgments. So children need lots of help learning what is right, honest, mature, authentic and loving. Too bad that is not the goal of all organizations.


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