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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Short Book Review

Good-Bye and Amen
by Beth Gutcheon
Wm. Morrow, N.Y. 2008 $24.95 241 pages

This novel has an Episcopal Priest as an important character in it. The Rev. Norman Faithful is married to Monica, one of the daughters who meet with their brother to split up the old family possessions after the death of their parents. Family values are presented skillfully with humor throughout the book. The story of Fr. Faithful’s talents, ambitions and sins is presented in a manner that rings true to this priest ordained fifty-two years before. Clergy and lay people will get a picture of how family impinges on the ministry of a priest and how his life affects a family. Reflections on theology and spirituality also make Gutcheon’s book a fine read for insight into the real human life of all of us.


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