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Monday, September 22, 2008


From my journal, September 19, 2008

It is close to 9:00 AM and KDFC is about to start its Mozart in the Morning show. I hesitate to put it on and listen, as I fear they will play for the 10,000th time the Mozart Piano Concerto used in the movie Elvira Madigan years ago.

This morning they are presenting Mozart’s Violin Concerto # 2, they say it is one of the all-time favorites violin concerti of the five he wrote. It sure does sound overly familiar.

Listening to KDFC is infuriating. They play over and over again some popular orchestral and instrumental pieces. They patronize us listeners by telling us they are an “Island of Sanity” in the midst of the busy working world. The keep telling us they are here to help us relax and be calm.

They are a very profitable station, which means they have endless commercials. Some are loud and raucous making the relaxing music a joke as they jolt us back to reality with a screaming commercial about Mervyns, Toyota or some over damned fool thing I’d never buy just because they advertise in so shrilly a screech. Then there are the stupid dialogues about which is the best bank or cheapest cell phone. Idiot talking mouths saying dopey things are very inspiring. I push the off button the moment I hear such palaver.

Then there are the idiotic disclaimers spoken so fast one can’t possibly understand them even if one had the slightest interest. Hearing that makes me, oh so confident, that the product has value and safety. Yeh.

Then there is the morning weather, time, news and music annoying and boring program. Ah, some nice music and calm to start the day. But no we have cutesy comments between the “boys” and “girls” between the repetitious weather and road conditions. All that plus the commercials give us a silly start to the day. I snap on a CD to do the trick instead of listening

It seems like any time I turn on the radio to listen to music there is a commercial going on. I do like that they play a couple of pieces and then some commercials but they sure are annoying.

Then they now are in the habit of playing bits of symphonies or concerti to keep the music short and sweet, sugary and insipid. They do play full- length pieces in the evenings, Sunday mornings and other times.

The Sacred Concert on Sunday has been stripped to two hours instead of three. The masses and requiems played have become repetitious and boring. I have suggested they play hymns and shorter anthems once in a while and was told they have a format they stick to. On Sunday mornings, therefore, from 7:30 to 8:00 we switch to KOIT to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, where some fine hymns and organ music of great variety are available.

I suspect that my criticisms of KDFC will not be heeded, as I am too old for their market focus.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Bill Lueth,

After reading the rant I sent to you, my wife Ann emailed me the following cryptic message. “Big grouch,”

Here is some positive feed back for your station and your work.

I really appreciate the sacred music on Sunday mornings. It is a wonderful listen to start my Sunday.

I like that I do hear some unusual and different music from time to time when I do tune in.

I am glad there is some classical music available most of the time.

All good wishes to you and your work.


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