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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama Elected President of the United States

What a thrill it is, even cool, nonchalant Cromey was moved to tears as the election results came clear. First, an African-American got the votes. But a very close second is that a Democrat won over a Republican in a resounding win and not a squeaker like the last two elections, which gave us a disaster for a president and policies of total failure.

How wonderful and sad at the same time that many African Americans wept tears of joy that one of their own was elected president. Even Condoleezza Rice cried. Sad, because color was an issue in the first place. Sad, that so many white Americans thought people of color were inferior, and many still do.

Wonderful, because no matter what enormous problems Obama faces, the election brings emotional, joy and a sense of positive energetic movement away from the hostile, arrogant negativity of the present incumbent.

It is time to enjoy the warmth of new life and hope.


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