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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Legalize Marijuana

To the Editor of the SF Chronicle:

Tom Ammiano' bill joins the call by three Latin American ex-presidents in calling for legalizing marijuana. Ex-presidents of Colombia, Brazil and Mexico also call upon the U.S. to treat drug abuse as a health problem rather than a crime. (The News, Mexico City, February 12, 2009) Ammiano's bill would not only bring in a billion dollars a year but relieve the over populated penal system. I hope clergy, educators, businesspeople, doctors and politician could make a bipartisan and humane effort to legalize marijuana.


I sent this letter today after reading Ammiano had introduced the legalizing bill into the state legislature. I have long held this view that marijuana should be legalized. I cannot expect church leadership to take such a view seriously and they certainly should.

Marijuana is part of the creation. Like alcohol it has positive and negative qualities and be used and enjoyed and abused and can be abused.

M. can be used to help relieve the pain of cancer patients and others. Legalizing the drug may open new avenues for research for its use elsewhere.

M. can be a recreational drug to provide relaxation and pleasurable feelings.

M. legalized can be taxed and provide money for the government.

M. legalized means abusers can legally seek help for their unhealthy use of M. and other drugs.

M. legalized will put an end to street crime whose intent is to get money for heavily over-priced M.

M. legalized means the price could be controlled.


Anonymous Fred Fenton said...

You are spot on. When I think of all the people languishing in jail for the possession of small amounts of marijuana I become angry with our political leaders and the people fighting the "drug war" who have built careers around harassing marijuana users.

Fred Fenton

10:40 AM  

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