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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Health Care-I am attacked

An old friend, a Republican and conservative, wrote me that my ideas on health care for all are a “crock of shit.” He is such a nice person and we have agreed to disagree on Israel, the Iraq War and we generally don’t talk or write each other about political issues. I wonder if he really does not want health care for all people, if he thinks the US is incapable of paying for it or if health care should be up to the individual?

I feel bad he abuses my views with a one line insulting put-down and does not share what he thinks about health care. I do not spend much time thinking about people’s motivation for their ideas or beliefs. I am interested in their ideas and thoughts. I know there are many differing views on how to provide adequate health care for all Americans. Other counties provide such care for its citizens and even visitors and aliens.

It is hard for me to understand and accept ideas, which seem heartless and lack sympathy for the sad plight of vast numbers of people in the US and around the world. I am glad that I grew up in the Judeo-Christian tradition that emphasizes these values of compassion and justice. Many Republicans also hold these values. It often comes down to methodology, what is the best way to get the job done. To put it simply Democrats want to tax more and have more programs helping those who cannot help themselves. Republicans generally want low taxes and few government aid programs. Of course there is a wide range of opinion in both parties on how to accomplish the best ways to serve the people best.

I personally like paying low taxes, but am willing to pay taxes more for programs helping the poor, sick and needy. I think only the government has the resources to provide and/or underwrite health care, adequate food and housing for all. In the same way only the government can support the military, social security for the retired and the law enforcement and legal system.



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