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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Obama's Mistake

The president’s speech was superb, his reasoning clear, his grammar excellent and his conclusion mistaken. Thirty thousand more American soldiers going into Afghanistan means more killing of civilians, soldiers and so-called terrorists.

Afghanistan is not a country; it is a band of terribly independent tribes, living in desert and mountainous regions with little sense on unity as a nation as we know it. Taliban and al Qaeda are small deadly groups bent on destruction. They hide in caves and villages using civilians for shields. There are roughly 20,000 Taliban and 100 al Qaeda. Rooting them out with 98,000 troops can only result in the massive destruction of thousands upon thousands of civilians.

Massive infiltration by trained experts like the CIA is doing in Pakistan is worth more money and effort than the massive use of force planned by the president.

Our security is not at stake. Attacks like 9/11 are impossible to happen again. The massive security in this country and around the world can keep us secure without the massive killings that will occur with a surge in the military presence in Afghanistan.


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