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Monday, October 26, 2009

Conventioneers Dodge Taxes

Doctors, Lawyers and business executives trek the globe giving lectures or attending conventions. All or parts of the expenses of these trips are written off. That is the euphemism for tax exempt or tax-free. Conventions are held at exotic locations like Hawaii, the Virgin Islands or major tourist cities like San Francisco or New York. Thus, luxury hotels and huge convention centers, like the Moscone Center in San Francisco, profit from the generosity of taxpayers.

High paid professionals using write offs are among the most conservative Americans. They are the most vigorous opponents of medical reform. They are the heartiest proponents of cutting taxes, fostering unregulated capitalism and cutting big government.

They also have lobbies in congress protecting their free or tax exempt rides. These folks are against high taxes yet milk the system for their own travel treks and perks.

When these high rollers come to conventions they spend a lot of money in the locales where they stay. Local communities profit from these write off tripsters. So next time you see a convention goer paying a big tab at a restaurant, ask how much of that bill comes out of your taxes.


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