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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am sick over the oil spill in the Gulf. Those oil companies are so irresponsible about their exploitation of the earth’s resources, and so callous of the fishing and farming of the poorest people of Mexico and even the US south along the coastline. God only knows of the impact on the oceans, swamps, rivers, beaches and wildlife.

We do love the blame game in our culture. To blame the president, the need for oil and human failure for the oil spill rather than the profiteering of the oil industry and lack of controls by the capitalistic Republicans is ludicrous. Oops there I go blaming the Republicans.


Anonymous Fred Fenton said...

Having spent ten years in Louisiana before returning home to California, my wife and I are acutely aware of the tragedy this oil spill brings to the fragile coastlands and the livelihood of families who have been fishing the area for generations, plus their suppliers.

Government at every level in this country is largely dysfunctional. Corporations "own" America. The regulatory agencies have been bought off by the bankers, oil companies, military contractors, drug companies, insurance companies, and other major business interests.

That being said, this oil spill is the fault of BP. Make no mistake about that. "Bottom line" thinking that deliberately avoided warnings of unacceptable risks caused the disaster. In a just world BP would be closed down and its chief corporate officers fined and jailed. Nature and nation will suffer for many years as a result of BP's misdeeds.

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