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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Gabriella Giffords

Gun control, rage control, civility, honest debate and discussion are desperately needed as we are shocked and saddened by the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords. The fact that she was Jewish should not be overlooked as anti-Semitism lurks everywhere.


Blogger Fred Fenton said...

Thank you for that delightful account of the development of your religious faith.

An article in the current New Yorker about L. Ron Hubbard says investigation has revealed he was not decorated or wounded in WWII and did not heal himself, which is the claim at the basis of his foundational work, Dianetics. When asked in a TV interview why these facts, made known publicly, have not deterred Scientology members, the author of the article replied that facts don't matter to them. They believe they have been helped and they belong to a community of believers, and these things mean more to them than the results of objective inquiry.

Left unsaid was the larger application to the world's religions. Investigated in the same manner they would all be shown to be based on a series of untruths. Yet that doesn't seem to matter to millions of Americans who accept the tenants of organized religion without bothering about the facts.

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