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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here is The New Yorker’s Hendrick Hertzberg’s quotation of Netanyahu’s demands in dealing with the Palestinians. (June 6, 2011 issue)

“recognition of Israel as Jewish state as a precondition; no negotiations with a Palestinian political entity in which Hamas is represented; no Palestinian refugees, no matter how few or how symbolic, to be admitted to Israel; indefinite Israeli military control of the Jordan River; an undivided Jerusalem as ‘the United capital of Israel,’ no part of which presumably would be available to be the capital of Palestine.”

Is it any wonder the Palestinian leaders and people do not want to negotiate? There are all the items that should be on the table for discussion. Israel proclaims itself he only democracy in the Middle East yet denies negotiations with a popularly elected Hamas.

How can Palestinians learn to accept Israel who will not even discuss he issue of “recognition of Israel.” Discussion, dialogue, education are ways to create change of hearts and minds.

Discussion of refugees after fifty years of camps and military control must be part of the negotiations.

Not to allow discussion of the sacred city of Jerusalem as a home to Palestinians fails to understand the power of symbolism and religion in the hearts of Palestinians.

Since the Prime Minister has support from his cabinet and much of his government, and the U.S. government there can only be pain, suffering and more bloodshed on the parts of both sides.


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