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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dealing with Republicans and Conservatives

The nomination and election proceeds and exceeds every stupidity possible. Charges, countercharges, outright lies, distortions of truth, self-aggrandizement, entitlement, money galore charm the media.

I believe those who know better than I that there is a 20-30% swing vote that both candidates are vying for. The 80-70% of us left are already in the Republican or Democratic camp. A few in my family are Republican and most in Ann’s Utah family are 100% Republicans. I have never heard from any of them to try to influence my vote as a knee-jerk, left wing, bleeding heart liberal Democrat.

I do have a friend who is Conservative Republican. I am grateful to her for sending me weekly pieces of blatant and outrageous pieces of conservative propaganda. She still is fighting the Obama birth certificate issue. She riles against, taxes, Health Care Reform and California State hiring practices. She lives in another state. I do reply to her stuff partly to tease her and mostly to present a liberal point of view to her scurrilous screeds.

Once in a while I do send liberal stuff to my Republican family and friends. I know I am not going to change them. I just want to remind them occasionally that there is another more humane side to these political issues. They are not on my regular mailing list for such pieces.

I will write on issues from time to time on my blog. I suspect that occasionally some family member peek at it once in a while.


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