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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


A friend again called me an anti-Semite. Here is my replay:

Ann told me that you called me an anti-Semite. Please call me any name you want. I continue to be appalled at the way the Israeli government treats the Palestinians. I align myself with the aspirations of the Palestinian people. No matter what. I love you and you are always welcome to break bread in our home.

The Israel government still allows building to take place in disputed territory. Their Palestinian neighbors are among the poorest people in the world. Israeli luxury homes and pools are built overlooking poverty stricken neighbors in disputed territories. Israeli soldiers constantly harass Palestinians. Efforts at peace talks are constantly interrupted by Israeli recalcitrance and self-righteousness.

An article in the NY Times recently said that even Liberal Israeli citizens don’t talk about the Palestinian question much anymore. Many American liberal Jews are hard pressed to say anything against Israel. Many American and Israeli Jews are also incensed by the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinians.

I am also annoyed that American politicians have a hands off policy toward Israel for fear that the Jewish lobby will attack them for any critical view of that country.


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