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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


1. Surely it can’t be true that the only democracy in the Mideast punishes people before they are convicted. Is Israel going to act like brutal dictators by demolishing homes of suspected attackers? Certainly, endangering Israeli lives and property is evil. The democratic way is to try suspects and, if found guilty, punish them and not the wives, children and elderly. The Israeli government’s policy of destroying the homes of only suspected criminals creates more bitterness and hatred. There are more humane democratic policies to deal with lawbreakers.

2. Americanah
Chimanda Ngozi Adichie
Anchor Books, 2013

The author writes of racism in the US, England and in Nigeria where she was born and raised. It is linked together with a haunting love story full of pain and surprising. Many characters men and women reflect on life for black people in these three cultures. Adichie use humor and irony to make her points, She uses her successful blog as a tool for commenting n the many forms of racism encountered by black people. Her long discussion of black women’s hair, language and coupling were all new to me.
It is a long sometimes funny, painful and clever book that kept me enthralled.

3. Coming into Church
Here are some suggestions for entering the church.
Greet friends, put food in the kitchen if your group is up. Take a seat, sit quietly and say a prayer, perhaps the Lord’s Prayer. Listen to the organ prelude and prepare yourself for worship. Follow along with the service bulletin. Sometimes it is a good idea just to watch the actions of the clergy and acolytes as they swing the incense and watch and smell the incense smoke as a it rises to the ceiling. Let that sight lift us into God’s presence. Listen to the words of the priest and readers as they say the sacred words of the text. Listen to understand. Sometimes just listen to the sounds as they waft through the church. In worship we use our minds and intelligence and also our senses of smell, seeing - colors, architecture, windows and always the people. We use our hearing for the music and words offered in worship. In worship we can just open ourselves to the mystical presence of the Creator.



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