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Monday, June 20, 2016


What to Do at the Prayers of the People

Here is a time in the service when you can make your particular concerns aloud or silently. Think of the events in the news that affect you –war, politics or upheavals in the world. We pray for our leaders in church and state, in our city and government. We remember the issues affecting our water, air and health.

We pray for the sick in mind body or spirit; those with addictions and chronic diseases; those displaced by war, famine, earthquake, fire and food.

We remember those who have asked for our prayers. We remember them by saying their names aloud as printed in the prayer list.

We pray for those who have died recently and in the past. Remembering by mentioning their names aloud or silently makes the memory real.

Perhaps each Sunday before we come too church we take a moment to make a note on paper or mentally of the people, issues and concerns that we want to mention during the prayers of the people. This helps us connect the important things in our lives to the prayers.

Remember that when we pray for things, we may be called to do something about what we pray for. If we pray for peace, we work for peace. If we pray for someone who is sick, we might visit them, send food, a card, flowers, make a phone call or send an email.



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