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Monday, July 23, 2018


Fear mongering is a favorite American sport. DT rolled into office terrified by Muslim immigrants, Mexican criminals and foreign competition. He tells us we must fear other people taking advantage of America, threatening white culture, national security, business health and Christian community. None of these supposed horrors have occurred. None are even slightly true or realistic. Frightened Christian conservatives, white nationalists and the Republican Party use these so-called fears to wield power and spend up the national debt.

Christianity does not need protection. We worship freely, live our faith, say what we will and champion the rights and needs of many more peoples.

Americans, except the poor and the sick have nothing to be afraid of. The massive spending on armaments, while morally despicable, is intended to keeps us safe.

Try setting aside fear and reflect on the safety and prosperity of most Americans even in the world of the DTs.


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