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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Values- Capitalism or Jesus

A friend wrote me that he was not concerned for the values of Jesus in getting us out of the present wars. He suggested some political and military solutions that might help end the conflict. He said his teen age son wold welcome the draft. Here is my response:

Dear Friend - You may not be concerned with Jesus. Neither is the President who says he listens to Jesus.
The President is a liar. As a follower of Jesus, I believe in following the values and morals of love, compassion, forgiveness and community in making decisions. Our government has no such interest. Its values are oil, money, power, war, death and destruction of innocents, civilians in order to get its way. I certainly don't have any answers on how to do things, especially as I do not believe a word of what the government lets the media cover and therefore print and show.

I will stand in vigil for peace and justice, making sure that the government does not change my values and for making some witness to greater values than capitalism and its inability to put human beings before money and profit.

I hope there is a draft, that will cause a real uprising in this country that will end the bloodshed our government has unleashed.


Blogger Fr. Kenny Ryan-King said...

Thank you Robert. I too hope that there is a draft again. AND that the first people to be conscripted are members of our national legislature. Maybe then we will see the true face of patriotism and loyalty to country "under God" For me God lives with the poor, the oppressed, those who have their bodies and souls fired upon by people who have no real concern for anyone's well being. Justice is the issue...not nuclear arms or oil, or religion. when will be ever learn?

11:28 AM  

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