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Thursday, November 13, 2008

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I sent these following to Obama via These are what I think the priorities of the government should be.

"Get out of the present wars. Health care for all Americans. Avoid war. Use the United Nations. Get out of the torture business. Get out of the Imperialism business. Democracy cannot be rammed down the throats of people. Rejoin Kyoto Accords. Clean up the environment. Reduce the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Full rights for homosexuals including the right to marry. End unqualified support to Israel."

The site is for Americans to tell the president and government what you think the priorities should be. The site will also be a way for Obama to bypass the networks to get his ideas, legislation and priorities to people via email.

I think this is a good new way for citizens to participate in democracy. It takes away the censorship and news selection that is so much in the hands of big business and industry and gets more to the people, especially to young people who know how to use the technology of email and websites.


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