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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Condescending Iran

To the Editor of SF Chronicle's Insight:

Joel Brinkley’s focus on film misses the big picture on Iran. (Insight, SF Chronicle 3/8/09.) His advice to leaders of one of the most ancient civilizations on earth is to “grow up.” He complains that Iran complains about American movies and culture while that country may have the capacity to develop nuclear weapons, as yet an unproven allegation.

I suspect Brinkley’s patronizing column and article is typical of Americans’ lack of knowledge and understanding of Iran’s culture, history and what goes on in that country on a daily and local basis. Human beings live in that country. Men and women go to work, children go to school and universities. There is poverty and wealth. There are parks and museums. People practice their religion. Their politicians are as irascible and dangerous as ours are.

Our writers, journalists and the people on the streets of America need to see the people of the mid-east as human beings first, as real people suffering under governments, as we have in the recent past. When we suggest other people to “grow up” we can also treat them with dignity and respect. They may take us more seriously too.


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