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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Letter to My Doctors and Friends Who are Doctors

Health care for all is a top priority of our President and I hope for all of us. It is the number one priority in my mind. It may mean a reduction in the level of care available to my family and me. I think that is a small sacrifice to make so that forty-six million Americans, including millions of children, may have health insurance. I hope that you and other doctors will be willing to make some sacrifice for the good of so many people.

Recently, I had a problem that prompted extensive tests on my heart. In three months the insurance bill was over $25,000.00 for the tests and office visits. The cardiologist stated that my heart was not the problem. I was glad to know that. I did wonder about the cost to check the heart of this seventy-eight year old man.

The issue is complex but the goal is clear, health insurance for all Americans.

As a patient or friend of yours, I hope you will join me in doing all in your power to make health insurance available to us all.


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