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Friday, December 11, 2009

KDFC & Chronicle

My mind is full of stuff I want to say, read and shout so hear goes.

KDFC has music free of commercials from 9-12 Noon daily and Sunday. The weekday morning djs prattle between pieces, give ads for free concerts and so we still have music interruptus during those commercial free times. More music and less talk is still sorely needed on KDFC.

The endless announcing of the KDFC call letters is ludicrous. I am trying to forget them but they are inescapable. Whenever I hear KDFC I think, “repetitive and boring music.

Mozart, Mozart, Mozart. If he were a listener he would puke at the endless tinkling of his piano and other works.

KDFC gives us Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving. I suggest about half the number of selections, fewer of the cutesy tunes set to string quartets or roaring choruses. i.e. Rudolph, 12 Days, all those tunes mentioning bells, including Jingle.

I do like the new guy on Sacred Concert. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and brief. I think Sacred Concert could use some hymn programming too.

I still think in the non-Christmas season more vocal and chorus music could be played as is done during the Christmas mush.

The Chronicle has a front-page headline about stadia in Oakland. How can this be important even in Oakland? Meat eating dinosaurs on the front page cannot be interesting to anyone but ten year olds. The paper continues to trivialize itself and news.

The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday papers are referred to as he SF Pamphlet in our house.


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