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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Taxes are a Blessing

Taxes- it is an honor and privilege to pay taxes. They are necessary for our health and safety. Taxes pay for police, meat inspectors and medical research. We must stop thinking of taxes as evil. They make civil society work. Pay the least you have to and pay the rest with thanksgiving.

I wrote this on my Facebook group page. I have written about this before and the piece was published in the SF Chronicle several years ago.

The hysteria abut balanced budgets discount increasing taxes as part of the solution. I am sure taxes will not solve all of he problems. I was impressed to read that the top one percent of the richest Americans pay 38% of the federal tax. So we are not in the unbalanced budget debacle because the rich do not pay their taxes. Of course some smarmy people rich, poor and middle class find ways not to pay any taxes.

I note politicians do not want to question the cost of the war in Afghanistan. Ending that war will go a long way toward paying down the deficit. The pols also have trouble piercing the balloon of the massive money going to support the military and defense budgets.

The easy targets for cutting costs are programs for the poor, sick, homeless and needy on the local, state and national level. As a simple minded, old fashioned Bible reading Christian, as many of our Tea-party and politicians say they are, I note that the clearest teachings in the Old and New testaments are concerned with caring for those people that are poor, distressed and at the bottom of the economic ladder.



Anonymous retrospaghetti said...

where i live (nebraska) the powers that be are planning on paying for half of the deficit (literally) by taking it away from the schools

9:36 AM  

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