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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Palestinians - Israelis

Hi Michael.

You are asking all the right questions. I can only give you my answer.

I am a long time critic of the Israeli's treatment of the Palestinians. 40,000 have been in camps for over 40 years. Israelis have built walls surrounding Palestinian areas, harass Palestinian's free flow of travel and treat them like second-class citizens.

The US will probably veto the Palestinian effort to become a separate state by mandate of the UN. Obama and any government official fear retaliation from wealth Jewish organizations that are unreservedly pro-Israel.

I have been called an anti-semite. I don't care, I know I am not.

It will work out over time. I choose to take a stand when I am requested. My Jewish friends know of my position and we just don't talk about it.

Thank you for writing.



Anonymous Lena said...

I woudln't think disliking Israel's treatment of the Palestinians was anti-semitic--anti-semites hate Jews and Jewish culture, but a criticism of Israel is just a criticism of a country. The Jewish people I know (who are pretty liberal/reform Jews) don't really concern themselves a whole lot with Israel. I find that the more conservative/orthodox you get in Judiasm, the more Israel becomes an issue.

10:20 AM  

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