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Friday, July 15, 2011

Liberals - Get Off Obama’s Back

Liberals - Get Off Obama’s Back

My liberal friends are hysterical about President Barak Obama’s failures to end the wars, cut salaries for executives, tax the rich, fix the debt and improve gay rights. What is it? Impatience, lack of faith, disappointments, frustration, or are they not willing to notice the enormous complexities facing each daily decision the president must make? Any president going into office faces a huge bureaucracy of military, government employees, the opposition party and huge pressures from foreign governments and lobbyists, all entrenched and protective of their turf. There is no such thing as a clean slate. Obama warned his cheering supporters that things were not going to be easy nor that change would happen quickly. He stepped into a huge mess.

The president is under constant scrutiny and criticism from the press, the opposition party and disgruntled elements in his own party. He is also attacked by the simpleminded who fail to see the complexities and resistance to change in government and politics.

The president is bringing down the wars and getting the troops home. He is grappling with the enormous debt and moving toward more and more recognition of homosexual rights. He has produced a medical plan for all Americans.

I am disappointed that things have not moved faster to end the wars and provide LGBT rights. However, I fully support Barak Obama in his efforts to provide medical care for all. He handles the viciousness of the Republican Party and the Teabaggers who do not see that government is to help people enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I will continue to support him and his efforts and marvel at his graciousness and humor in the light of the stonewalling of his policies by conservative forces in both parties.

For solid liberals to moan and groan about Obama’s failures can only weaken the president’s efforts. To call him a one-term president undermines his authority and his reach for more time to carry out his policies. Certainly no Democrat or Republican waiting to be the next president will bring progress for caring for the poor, the sick, mortgage homeless, unemployment or providing health care. We have a good president working for the benefit of most of the people. He compromises, works diligently and moves the government forward for the good of all the people and not just for business and the rich.

I hope other liberals will get off the President’s back and on his bandwagon to keep our government “for the people.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on. Thanks for saying that.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Put . . . ! ! !

4:43 AM  

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