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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Prayer and Worship Items

To pray is to pay attention or, shall we say, to listen to someone or something other than one's self.

Haiku: He has never seen God,/but once or twice, he believes/ he has head Him.

-W. H. Auden quoted in The New Yorker. 11/14/11.

Why I go to Church! I go to re-member, re-connect myself to Jesus, Martin Luther, MLK, JFK, my parents and grandson dead of an overdose, my daughters and grandchildren in New England etc etc - when I drink some wine after a taste of bread. I do love to sing. Church is the only place in town where one can sing with others. I also like being with people that I like and some whom I'd never meet otherwise. That's the catholicity of church. -RWC


Blogger jim thornton said...

I liked the dissonance between "He believes" and the capital H in "Him".

1:52 PM  

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