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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pictures of Three Clerics in Collars each have a caption. See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no Evil, they are the headline of the article.  The author asks why don’t clergy today stand publicly against the moral evils of our time? Issues like the ruination of God’s creation “this fragile earth our island home” by pollution of the air and water; big banks manipulation of mortgages which have made millions of Americans lose their home; and the wars our nation have waged in the last decade are just three of those issues?

Why don’t we speak publicly about these and other controversial issues?

What stops us from making individual public statements?

Do we think it is unwise to preach about such issues on Sunday?

Are these not spiritual issues?

Do we fear business and military people and their families in our congregation will be offended and leave?

Are we afraid loss of those members will mean they will withdraw their money?

Is the gospel of Jesus not relevant to these issues?

These issues are not the business of the Christian religion!

Are we not sure of our own positions of these social issues?


I would love to hear from my brother and sister clergy about these issues. No one’s name will be used in any response I make to the information I am gathering.



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