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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Here is the way I see it:

No government or business has the willingness or charity to stop global warming, racial hatred, homophobia, war, murder, sickness, disease et al.  We will just go on doing what we do until the planet destroys itself.

Being a simple minded Christian and believe the kingdom of God will come at the end of history and then the lion will lie down with the lamb etc., I have expected the end will come sometime.  Meanwhile being a follower of Jesus, I choose to work to serve others. Many others and I work for an end to global warming, promote racial justice, LGBT rights, end war, murder, sickness, disease et al. I do all that because I feel better when I do and it may even serve some others. I have a good life, wife, family and friends. I have had a life and work that I both loved and enjoyed.

If others find joy and fulfillment by worshipping money, power, sex (tried that), science, I wish them well. My bet is those pursuits will not bring much real joy. But, who knows?


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