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Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Dear Anne Lamott has trouble forgiving the Tea Party. I don’t hate them, I feel sad and angry when I read about their values. Their lack of compassion for the sick, hungry, those in prison and immigrants is sickening. Their failure to understand that only big government bring health and healing to all people in our country. The medical profession, as we know it, has failed to provide health care for all, but only those who can pay. Only big government can assure that all Americans have food enough, decent housing and education enough. 

Capitalism has failed to take care of those at the bottom of the economic heap. Capitalism because of greed and excess profit making contributes to the poverty in our country and around the world. I don’t need to forgive them. I just have to keep voting against and criticizing their wretched values. Many TP members call them selves followers of Jesus He criticized secular and religious power because they failed to provide for the sick, the hungry, those who were in prison, the  widows and orphans  and failed to welcome the strangers. That is the Jesus I follow.


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