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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


End of Life Options

I believe California legislators should enact the End of Life options as soon as possible. The End of life option is a dignified way for people to be in control of their pain and quality of life. We should have the right to end our lives with drugs. This is a loving, caring and rational way to take responsibility for our lives and deaths.

Traditional religious arguments opposed to such legislation are filled with contradictions. The commandment, Thou shalt not kill (or murder) is the basis for many arguments. Proponents say we should not allow people to die with dignity because it violates God’s commandment.

The official Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian positions are against capital punishment. Yet most catholic and protestant Christians approve of capital punishment.

Religious groups are usually against war. Yet they support young men and women when they go into the military and are trained to kill others.

These same groups support paying federal taxes when they know that a huge amount of tax money goes to support war, arms and killing. When we pay our taxes we support killing.

It is sheer hypocrisy to approve of killing others but refuse to let an individual person die with dignity.


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