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Friday, July 22, 2016

How Does a Follower of Jesus Campaign?

I do not call myself a Christian much anymore. A follower of Jesus is what I prefer. Too many Christians are hateful, narrow, prejudiced cruel and exclusionary. My leader and inspiration is Jesus. He called on his followers to feed the hungry, heal the sick and visit those in prison. He calls us to love and forgive our neighbors, ourselves and our enemies. He spoke against injustice. I do my best to follow Jesus teachings. My life works best that way. Pope Francis said recently that churches the do not feed the poor should be taxed. I agree with that.

Many Christian friends belong to and support their churches and denominations, which discriminate against homosexuals, women and same sex marriages.

Many of my Christian friends mock, degrade, scorn and deride Donald Trump.  Yes, Jesus got angry and did some name-calling. He did not have a perfect moral life. He also did not participate in elections.

I don’t think mocking and degrading candidates help win elections. Campaign managers think some negative ads do help runs for office.

I choose to support, encourage, seek the truth and contribute to the Hilary Rodham Clinton. I do not like her negative campaigning as I am sure will happen.

I think her experience in government, as senator and Secretary of State and her common sense will make her a good President. She was also the wife of the President for eight years.

The government can only accomplish help for the poor, adequate health care, control of blatant and cruel capitalism. I will support policies that work toward those ends. I think the Democratic Party, with all its flaws, can best accomplish those ends.


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