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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Horror Health Stories

Private insurance has failed to cover 46 million American children and adults’ health care. Many people with insurance cannot fully pay for their prescription drugs.  One man has severe glaucoma.  His doctor has prescribed two expensive eye drops that when used properly will prevent his going blind.  He has only enough money to take one of the medications. Caring for the blind is an enormously expensive proposition for the American taxpayer and serious causes of depression and despair for the newly blind person.


Uninsured people flock to emergency rooms for health care. Good care in these hospital emergency rooms is the most expensive way to treat patients who are ill. But for the uninsured ER care is the only alternative.


An uninsured single mother held a minimum payment job in a fast food restaurant.  When she was hit by a car and hospitalized through an emergency room, she received no salary for weeks until she could get back to work.


These horror stories to Americans happen because our government does not provide back up to what insurance companies won’t pay to provided adequate medical coverage for all American children and adults.


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