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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Medical Care for All Costs Money

All Insurance companies, HMOs, some doctors’ organizations and most Republicans can say about medical care for all is that it costs too much, we can’t afford it and we’ll lose money. Yes, making sure that 35 Million uninsured children and adults will cost money. These industries all are in the business of serving the American people, all of the people. These good people have not found a way to do that. Their combined efforts have left millions of Americans without adequate medical care.

It is entirely appropriate that the President of all the people in the United States has set in motion plans that to alleviate the terrible plight of millions of Americans who do not have access to good medical care. Most of the American people are aware of the need and will support plans to provide good medical care for all.

Now that the people who have most to gain from the failure of change have weighed in with huge amounts of money, lobbyists and advertising to defeat any plan. It is now up to the people, the citizens, churches, synagogues, mosques, the teaching, nursing, medical professionals and all of us to badger congress to hold fast to the plan to insure all Americans. Keep on with the letters, phone calls and gifts of money to help our elected officials defeat the pressure groups and vote for adequate medical care for all and pay for it.


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