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Friday, October 02, 2009

Prayer Does Not Work on God

Prayers do not work on God. The Republicans vote against health care reform. The democrats vote for it. If one believes in a personal God that answers our prayers, that is a fickle and confused God.

Since I do not believe in a personal God and I do believe in prayer, my prayers can only work on me

1. When I pray, I have to work to help those people and issues that I pray for. The prayer energizes and focuses me.

2. I believe we are all one in some magical and completely unprovable way. When I pray for my daughters which I do almost every day, I believe and hope that my energy, vibrations, unity connect to her in some woo woo way. Can't prove it.

3. When I had my various surgeries, I knew that family, friends and parishioners were praying for my recovery. Than made me feel supported, loved and cared for. I believe that helped my healing. I have no rational proof of it.

4. I pray that not my will be done, but THY will be done. Whatever power whatever God has, I assume that will is what will happen. In other words we take what we get.

These ideas work for me but I am sure they do not work for everybody.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prayer (to God) as the conduit through which we can affect change, wholeness, connection, healing. Makes sense. But why pray "thy will be done," when it will happen anyway? Praying doesn't make it any more so. Some great food for thought.

5:44 PM  

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