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Friday, July 31, 2009

Republicans and Health Care

I spent some time recently with a number of Republicans. I asked them what they thought about President Obama’s health care reform. The answers were most interesting to me.  One young man, a pre-med college student, said he didn’t know anything about it as he was studying hard to get into medical school. One man who is in the health care business and receives government and insurance money said he was against as it was too expensive but didn’t know much about it.  Another man who lives on social security and Medicare said it was just too expensive and that we could not afford it.


A woman said it was too expensive and would hurt the economy. I asked her about the forty-six million children and adults who have no insurance.  She avoided that issue and repeated that it would hurt the economy.


These are good people, smart and thoughtful.  I guess they are brain washed by the Republicans as I am by the Democrats. So we need to do all we can to support the president’s health care reform package.



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