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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Why Government is in Medical Care

We all give money to help the sick.  We donate to hospitals, clinics, lend money to sick friends, and give money to kitchens and food programs to feed ill people.  The work of Project Open Hand here in San Francisco collected money to feed men dying of AIDS in the 1980’s. But we know that is not enough. Individuals cannot donate enough money to care for the sick. Health insurance came into being to help heal the sick. The government was called upon to give tax exemptions to corporations to do medical research and later to rescue the elderly with Medicare.


It has become abundantly clear that only the government is large and comprehensive enough to provide medical insurance and medical coverage for all of the adults and children in our country.  Some forty-six million Americans have no health insurance.


Generous individual alms and donations are not enough to help pay for medical care for even the uninsured children in the United States, much less the adults who also need proper healthcare.


President Obama has sent congress a health plan to help all Americans have good health care.  I hope you will support this magnificent effort.


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