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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letter to Republicans

Dear Republican Relatives and Friends,

I write as a Christian of the Episcopal persuasion informed by the teaching of the Old and New Testament. Many of you are members of one church or another. Our common faith arising from the Bible emerges as caring for the poor, the widows, orphans and those in prison. Healing was a high activity in the life of Jesus.

I write as one who benefits from our capitalists system. The Church Pension Fund is one of the most stable and wealthy retirement funds in the country. Ann and I hold modest investments in real estate and the stock market. We are grateful for the income we have from the system and from Social Security and Medicare.

I suspect most of you know that our health care system needs reform as many American children and adults have no health insurance. We are all concerned about what is the best method to bring assistance to those in need.

The president has set in motion a process to bring about health care reform. He too is a Christian and an American who has benefited from our capitalist system. He has set before congress the outline of a plan that Republicans and Democrats in both houses of congress will develop into a final plan for reform upon which they will vote.

Emotions run high on both sides of this issue. I hope the emotion of compassion for the sick and poor will overcome the passion for being right. Christians and capitalists must find a way to better serve all of the people.

I hope you will do all you can to support health care reform this year.


Robert Warren Cromey


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