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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Religion and Health Care

The opposition to health coverage has lined up vigorously to oppose or water down President Obama’s health care legislation. The health insurance industry fears losing money, many physicians fear a drop in their income and many citizens fear their level of medical care will drop. Businesses do not want to help employees pay for health insurance.


These powerful forces are aligned in their opposition to the president’s plan, opposition to the will of the majority of American citizens and opposition to the welfare of the poorest people in our country.


Money talks. Appeals to conscience usually fail. Many of us can write letters, send money to backers of the plan and let other people know where we stand.


But here is an appeal to conscience anyway. Followers of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism specifically teach a duty to care for the poor and the sick by giving alms.


In Judaism and Christianity, caring for the poor, sick, needy, homeless and fighting injustice are deep concerns of those faiths. True, followers have varying views on how to carry out aid to those at the bottom of the economic ladder. But there is no doubt that care for the poor and needy is a basic teaching of Jews and Christians.


Secularists too, proudly note they are generous to the poor and needy without any religious urging, just obvious caring for others.


So I appeal to my friends deeply religious, marginally religious, and completely secular to support President Obama’s bold plan to bring health care to all and not just those who can pay. “Work and Pray and Give” to support President Obama.



Blogger George Clifford said...

I am optimistic that this year we as a nation might finally take a long overdue step toward guaranteeing healthcare coverage for all Americans. Keep up the pressure!

3:55 PM  

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