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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Church and Politics

I just hate agreeing with people whose views I loathe. As liberal Christian, I agree with the Alliance Defending Freedom. SF Chronicle 11/21/12. The alliance is chock full of conservative Christians who are anti-homosexual and anti-abortion. However, they do believe that Christian clergy should not be deprived of their freedom of speech. I agree that the separation of church and state means the state cannot “encroach on religion.” It does not mean the church cannot encroach on the state. I did not give up my freedom of speech when I was ordained. When an arm of the government may punish a non-profit organization for participating in politics, they are violating freedom of speech. I wish more liberal clergy would speak up for their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obama Wins

I am so relieved that the President has won the election. For me it is not so much what he can get done. It is much more that he is far closer to my vision of what should be done about healing, poverty, peace and justice.  His opponent is a good man but enthralled with a pro-business, free market, individualism point of view that is antithetical to the poor, disadvantaged and minorities. He gave a clear choice for Americans about the vision and actions necessary to a humane government. Stances of anti-gay, anti-women, anti-abortion, anti illegal immigrants etc. show Romney and the Republicans less than caring.

However, 49 % of the American voters share his point of view. It saddens me that we are nation so divided on ethical and economic issues.

Learning to live with this vast ambiguity is the mark of maturity and better mental health.

Does God Forgive Suicides?
As you know the RC church call suicide a sin. They do not say God won’t forgive the person who takes his own life. I do not know what they do say about God’s forgiveness for them.
They do say that one must follow one's conscience. If the person commits self killing out of conscience, then I suppose it can’t be a sin.
In Anglicanism is there is not hard and fast ethical position about suicide. Some would take the RC line. Others would not.
My own view is that if a person chooses to commit suicide that is up to him and God. I would hope a person who contemplates suicide should talk it over with a priest or therapist to make sure that the desire to kill one’s self is not just depression – which can be treated. But if a person is in intractable pain and wants to die he should do all he can to end his life, with or without help. But finally any decision for any reason is up to the person.
I believe that there is nothing you can do –including suicide or even murder- that would stop God from loving and forgiving you.
I do believe God loves and forgives us no matter what.